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The Tested: Darralyn Warren (Aunjanue Ellis, Birth of a Nation, The Book of Negroes, Quantico) is a heartbroken mother struggling to deal with the loss of her eldest son, Derek, at the hands of police. A story vaguely reminiscent of the 2006 police killing of 23 year-old Sean Bell, the film explores the complex relationship between Darralyn and her youngest son Dre as they navigate life with the difficult hand they've been dealt. In addition to this, the film also explores the internal battle the cop responsible for the tragedy faces as he wrestles with the reality of killing an innocent kid. With both sides seeking closure, The Tested presents a powerful and timely examination of how police brutality affects and alters the lives of everyone involved.

Starring: Armando Riesco , Aunjanue Ellis, Frank Vincent, Michael Morris Jr., Tobias Truvilion.