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To Love and to Cherish: To Love and to Cherish is the "Brady Bunch" story about Jay (Mel Jackson) and Aliyah (Denise Boutte) who've been married for five years, each having a child, Aliyah's son Wesley (Mishon Ratliff) and Jay's daughter Zoe (Constance Swain) from a previous marriage. When Aliyah's ex-husband Steve (Tommy Ford), shows up and demands custody of Wesley, she tries to secretly work it out instead of talking to Jay about the situation. To make matters more complicated, Jay allows Zoe to move in without consulting Aliyah and the two women immediately bump heads. With constant misunderstandings and both disregarding the other's feelings, these two are going to need to learn the laws of communication, respect, and raising teenagers if they want to make their marriage work.

Starring: Mel Jackson, Denise Boutte, Tommy Ford, Tammy Townsend, Mishon Ratliff, Shirley Murdock.