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#DigitalLivesMatter: DC Young Fly is on top of the world with his over 3 million followers. However, when this social media influencer crosses the wrong computer geek, all hell breaks loose and DC wakes up to find all of his followers are gone! DC has a career-changing audition, and he actually needs at least a million followers to even get in the door. DC enlists the help of his best friend Theo (Emmanuel Hudson), the neighborhood tech genius, to help. DC receives DM's from a mysterious Simon, the guy he realizes stole his followers. Simon sends DC on a variety of comical tasks, doing favors for his followers. DC realizes his social media influence and that those who follow him are real people. By the end of the day DC learns that Digital Lives Matter.

Starring: B. Simone , Terri J. Vaughn, D.C. Young Fly , David Banner , Emmanuel Hudson, Rashan Ali , Rodney Perry.